Roommates hooking up: friendship or what?

My roommate is bisexual - saying he is more attracted to girls. In our first night out -he was flirting with guys, telling them he is gay. He asked a guy for a kiss, the guy did not care and kissed him in a friendly manner, and then kissed me passionately and asked my number (still writing me) that night my roommate came to my bed and kissed&touched me, I said no, saying we are roommates. A week or so after, he again kissed me but this time very passionately and we had sex. He told me that sex does not mean that he is falling in love with me and then asked me to cuddle the whole night. I told him that we are on the same page. I also considered the sex as it just is. Then he started to flirt with me all the time, in front of everyone. He called me baby-boo, my best friend, and also Spanish version of my name. Every single day he came to my room to say goodnight&goodmorning. He is very protective of me. Says me he loves me (in a friendly manner) he gave me hugs, touched my hair, touched me gently, sat close, etc. His best friend from childhood told me when he was hammered that my roommate likes me. Then he asked me out again -as he said he wanted to dance with me. I said ok and then brought another guy (he is new in town/no interested in each other whatsoever) and he brought the girl who fancies him and that night he completely ignored me. From that night, he stopped giving attention, listening to me carefully, etc. However, he also deleted photos of his ex girlfriend on facebook and show no interest in anyone. Another night, sleeping together, he interlocked his fingers, touching me again, but when I was about to initiate kissing, he said ''ahh'' and then ''I care about you a lot and its like you are my little sister'' I got annoyed and he said he did not mean it that way. I went my own bed. The other day I talked to him about eth, we had a little fight, told him I can't take this and he asked me to give him time. He visited his family this weekend and now happier, m

after calling me his little sister, we are not native speakers, I told him that I do not like him that way the morning after. He generally feels very uncomfortable, as I am pulling away and he thinks I might leave him, move out, etc. He also has other problems in his life. But he seems to be a white-black thinker and emotionally unstable. My question is actually that how can I turn this relationship into sth both of us would not get hurt.


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  • He might be interested in you and a little unsure because of the living situation. Wait and see.