How Awesome is the Feminist movement for allowing men to have casual consequence free sex on the first date? I support feminism?

Feminism and the sexual revolution, a woman's right to choose movement and the advancement of contraception has brought about more casual consequence free sex on a plate for the asking and all it takes is the trappings of wealth and success and a the price of a steak dinner to guarantee having a date's ankles over her head. Thanks feminism.

  • Feminism is awesome. Thanks feminism.
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  • Feminism as we know it today (third wave or whatever it is now) hasn't done shit for men. Stop fooling yourself.

    • Everytime I get laid it has.

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    • "Let's see how much you love modern feminism when one of those women regrets having sex with you and calls it rape and makes up a scenario to go with it, and then reports you."

    • You definitely mentioned rape.

Most Helpful Guy

  • i want to go back when love was the deciding factor before sleeping with someone

    • Its called progress.

    • Progression of what? Casual Sex? nah, i dont think sex is something that should be treated casually
      and i also think that having casual sex is not good for the human psyche, it turns people into objects

      progress is bull shit when it comes to the detriment of meaningful relationships, mental health, and objectifies others

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  • I'm pretty sure I detect a sarcastic tone, but I'm not sure.

  • ehhh nahh loose women are the downfall of civilization.

  • I support the feminazi movement. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!

  • You've got to be kidding, right? the hard-core feminists I have encountered in the SF Bay Area would rather castrate all men than give one of them sex on the first date.

    • Yeah but thry leave it until the second date.