Is this girl following me because she's interested? PLS HELP?

so there's this girl in my school whos a junior and im a freshman. We dont know each other but she likes most of my pics on instagram and i like hers. she aslo gave me a tbh (to be honest) saying we dont talk. i gave her one saying she's cute and she said awe thanks lol. A couple days ago i posted on snapchat saying whos going to the mall and she viewed it and next thing you know i saw her there. Dont know if this is a coincidence or if she's following me? i also dmed her saying were you at the mall today and she said yes. i have a crush onthis girl and want to know if she's interested in me. how do i get her number on instagram?


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  • If you're already communicating with her and she's responding positively back to you, which she clearly is, send her a message like this: "Hey [her name], how are you doing? I was wondering if you'd like to hang out sometime." If she responds with a yes, then you reply and say, "Great! Let's exchange numbers." I hope it goes well, I don't see why not. :)


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