How can I be more approachable?

I am 15, female, and never been asked out. I know it's not all that uncommon but I would like to experiment with relationships more.

Only issue is, I'm homeschooled. I hang out with a lot of the others from the school that's nearest, though. I'd say I'm around average for looks, maybe a bit above. I'm more shy than outgoing, but trying to be more outgoing. I don't really *like* anyone right now, but I'm open to a relationship.

So... any tips?


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  • Ok first let me try :
    I'm single
    I don't know if I wanna mingle
    But my inbox will look more beautiful with your messages 😂
    LOL 😁
    Just be confident
    It's something best 😊


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  • This going to sounds but when you go out to the mall or something just dress sluttier trust me you'll get a lot of male attention


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  • I request you to be cool, and chillax some guy will approch you,
    Tips:- Look good.
    always try to get others attention
    dont pay attention around you
    try to be classy.

    & the most Important
    Enjoy yourself...

  • Don't come off as desperate, we can smell it from a mile away


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