That's it, I want to meet new guys and it's NOW or never. Please, give me any advice you can?

So this is my long story short: I study at college right now. All my life I got a lot of attention from guys, they always stare and look at me, but they always find me intimidating (one once told me it was because I am very beautiful, and very smart and always behave like a respectfull girl, a lady he said). So they always stare but never find the courage to come and talk to me, not even online.

I want to make a change. I am want to start thinking less and doing more. I am very shy, not many people notice that, but I really am. Looks aren't everything and just because I am considered beautiful that doesn't mean I'll stop being who I am which is a shy person.

I almost have zero male friends... so that makes me think that I'll never find a love one.

I want to say that I am always smiling, I am a very open person, I love meeting new people. I don't act like an ice queen if you might think so.


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  • You can always ask them out instead of waiting for one to ask you

    • The thing is... I don't know any guys at all that I am interested. So I ask a total stranger? Or should I first try to chat a little with him?

    • Ask a total stranger

  • You have everything going for you. Use it. Be pro-active. Start talking to guys casually, gain their trust, it will help with your shyness and they will see you're not an ice queen like you say.


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