Did I give good advice?

Did i give good advice to my bff? Her and her boyfriend have been dating almost two years. They ate both full tome college students working a lot. Her boyfriend told her over spring break his fam is planning a family vacation to florida for the week. My friend is very hurt that her boyfriend didn't even invite her. She said she is so hurt because they never get to spend a lot of time together because of school and work and the one week they do have he is going off with his family and leaving his girlfriend behind. I said to her i think it was really rude that he didn't even try and compromise by inviting you so he can spend time with botg my bff and his family. Thoughts?


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  • I don't know how relationship works over there, but in where I live it's not rude at all..
    Here's why :

    1. Maybe he really want to spend time alone with his family
    Sometimes he needs his quality time with his family too..

    2. Maybe he want to invite his girlfriend, but his family forbid it 'cause they don't want their son's concern split with his girlfriend existence..

    3. Maybe his family have the SAME PRINCEIPLE as my family..
    My family won't let their children's girlfriend or boyfriend to join a family events moreover if their relationship JUST 2 years..
    It's because they think that you are JUST a girlfriend or boyfriend..
    It'll be different when we and our date already talking about marriage OR your date has become FIANCE/FIANCEE..
    It means our date ready to be a part of our family so things will be different..

    • Right but i could understand maybe the fam not wanting her to go but why wouldn't the boyfriend want his owj girlfriend to go and be with his family? shouldn't he considet her part of the family. He can still spend time with his family with her there. Also its the fact that he barely sees his girlfriend as is and notnhe is deciding to take the time they would get to spend together and ditch her for a week without even including her. My boyfriend and i are both 24 and have been together 4 years and if my family wanted to leave him out of a vacation i either would insist i see him as family and bring him or i wouldn't go. It is bothering le because it seems he isn't seeing my bff as important as his fam ajd she is coming second best

  • That was a family vacation

    I think he wasn't being rude at all.

    She is not his wife yet, lol.

    • What about people who never. plan on marrying so they never get included? Also it was more the principle of they dont see each other much as is and when they do have the opportunity to spend time together a lot he goes off with his fam there is no compromise unless he invited her or stayed back with her. Its like my bff is coming second best