Why is it that black guys and white girls are attracted to each other, but white guys and black girls aren't?

Just seems like the attraction only works for one gender of each race.

Ok, to the trolls out there, save your energy, I'm not interested in your bullshit. I'm looking for legitimate answers to why there is a lack of attraction and interest between black girls and white guys. And don't tell me there isn't, because these couples are by far the rarest of all. Everyone knows this, so save me the nonsensical efforts to claim otherwise.


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  • My first boyfriend was white and I have seem a couple bwwm couples but only when I go to the suburbs to visit a friend or some family. I've seem about 6 or so bwwm couples where I live. When I visit some of my friends from college that love in the ghetto I see a lot of bmww couples

    • I know that the bmww couples are more common, but the bwwm couples are really rare. It's so rare that I think both groups almost go out of their way to ignore each other.

    • It depends on where you live or go honestly

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  • Well in general whites have strong backgrounds that prohibit this unless, it's a smash n dash or a phase "they just want to try it "

    • I don't think it's just white guys' families who discourage this. I think there's at least as many people against interracial dating among black people as there is among white people, maybe more.

      I'm curious if black women have a lack of attraction to white men. At my college, you see white guys socializing with Asians, Latinas, white girls, and you see the black guys talking to the same girls. Black girls, though, totally stick with their own. They don't even look in white guys' direction, and they're really the only group to be so exclusive. Even the Asian girls will warm up to white and black guys if we really try, though they do prefer Asian guys.

    • Yes that true but they it was specified for "white". So that's how I answered.
      Yes and it sucks cause I know (being a black female) that every race even with in my race looks down on dating a black girl unless it's to get a quick fck so you can be able to say "yeah I had a black chick"
      Kinda makes us wonder why the fck where here in the first place

    • I know, I was just trying to illustrate the point that black girls seem to have a very narrow group of men who they're attracted to. I see black girls asking about white guys, but in reality, they don't seem interested in us.

  • That is completely untrue, lol.
    But okay.

    • No, it's really not. If what you say were correct, there would be a lot of white guys with black girls. There aren't, though, so clearly there's a lack of attraction there.

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    • You're clearly trolling, lol.
      I do get out. I get out enough to know that it isn't rare.
      Just because you personally don't see a lot of something doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
      I don't see many bunnies or horses so they must be rare😏.
      I don't live in a huge city and whites are the majority.
      Seeing a black girl dating a white guy isn't rare.
      The majority of guys I've dated were white.
      No biggie.

    • If you don't see many bunnies or horses, you must live under a rock. Either that, or you need to get out into the real world more often.

      I live in Houston (6 million people, 1 million of them black), and I have seen maybe 2 white guy/black girl couples in my entire life. I mean, ever. By contrast, I've seen probably 3 dozen white girl/black guy couples. I see those much more frequently, to the point that they're becoming somewhat common. This imbalance has been noted by many people, not just myself. Chris Rock even had a bit about how black women aren't attracted to white men.

  • I don't know that a good question but I have seen black girls with Latinos

  • Ummm... you don't know what all black women and white men think. Neither can you know all black men are attracted to white girls and vice versa.

    • It's common knowledge that they aren't attracted to each other. That's why you never see these couples. You see black guys with white girls, but not the other way around.

    • You clearly don't go out nearly as often as you should. Maybe that is for the best.

    • Now you're just trolling. Thanks for playing.