Ex smiled, waved and said hi to me today after months of not speaking? Does this mean anything, help please 😊?

We broke up in April over a really silly argument that got massively out of control. Long story short, I forced him into it and he'd given me plenty of chances to fix things beforehand. Really, it was all my fault.

Anyway, after we split, we stopped talking all together. He was being cold, angry and resentful towards me, and I couldn't handle it. So I deleted and blocked him on Facebook eventually.

He works in our local superstore at home and for months whenever I was in, we wouldn't even look in each other's direction.

Recently, I noticed him trying to make eye contact with me again and glancing towards me, but I kept ignoring him and averting his gaze because I was scared to look up at him.

Today when I was in, he happened to be at the door of the shop as I was leaving with my shopping. He caught my eyes and this time I had no chance to look away.

He gave me a wave (this cute little wave he used to give me) and said hi with a slight smile on his face. I said hi back (not smiling back at him, was a little shocked) and as I did, his eyes were filled with sadness and he walked on.

Could he still have feelings for me? I still feel for him...


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  • Or he's gotten over being hurt by the breakup

    • That's what I thought too. It's hard to tell really. But just because he might be over the hurt, doesn't mean to say that he's definitely over me though.

    • The only way to know is to ask

    • I would, but I don't think we're quite at that stage yet. I'd rather just try and figure it out myself.

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