Girls, I have a girlfriend but I want another also?

Now, before y'all get mad hear me out, listen, my girlfriend is pretty, above average like me. I would say 8's. This other girl I like, she wants me bad and I want her just as much. She's smart, pretty, cool and all that great stuff. I plan on getting her. Don't get me wrong, I love my girlfriend very much however my desire is very strong for her as well. If you were single and knew that you most likely would never get a boyfriend would you consider this? Should I pursue or should I forbear?

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by the way, the new girl knows about my girlfriend and she is okay with it and still wants to be with me. I haven't even had sex with her nor even kissed her because I don't want us to be too connected if we can't be together.
I would like some more opinions please thanks!!


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  • If both girl agree, good for you. It might gonna blow up in someone's face, but why not go ahead and try. You never know.

    If your girlfriend is not aware of all this, you're a piece of shit. Break up with her and go date this other girl.

    • I want to make her aware and that's the only dilemma, how to go about it.

    • There is nothing you can say to make "honey, I want a harem" sound better. Just be upfront and stick to the the following sequence:
      1. I love you.
      2. I don't want to break up.
      3. I want to be in a relationship with one more woman as well as you.
      4. Hope for the best. (Wait to be murdered.)

    • LOL that murdered part. But why you have to be so rude haha like that song or in this case cold. I'll upvote you for your advice because it is probably the only option to go by although I probably be hesitant. But option two is probably best, incognito.

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  • Dump your girlfriend and go for the other girl or stay with your girlfriend and don't go for the other one.

    There is no in between.

    You cannot have both.

    If you think you can then you're a terrible human being and deserve maggots.

    Then end.

    • Wow that is very harsh. Thanks for your opinion.

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    • Are you religious? Based on your words you seem to be.

    • Sir, even if I weren't, I wouldn't approve of whoring oneself around and collecting humans as sex objects.

  • Only if the girlfriend you already have is okay with it. If not then no, you most definitely should not. No one deserves to be cheated on. It sounds like you don't love your girlfriend as much as you think. When you love someone they should be enough to satisfy you. You're obviously board with your girl. So my advice is break it off with her so she can find someone who is satisfied and happy with her. Mean while you can go put some notches in your belt. UNLESS your girl would be fine with it. (I highly doubt it)

    • I'm not bored with her I just want the other one who I love and loves me as well. It's not like I'm trying to have a threesome, even the new girl disapproves. y'all make it seem as I'm a pervert or something.

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    • Since you put it that way I gotta say I do feel bad of how I think she might react. This is a tough decision, it really is. I don't know how I am going to do this.

    • I've been in fucked up positions before. I've even made bad decisions but not intentionally. I feel bad for your girlfriend she's the one who has no clue about this. Just be careful.

  • Would you be able to sleep at night with a clear conscience knowing that you want another when you already have someone?

    I suggest that you either end things with your girlfriend if you really want the other girl or forget the b*tch who doesn't care about who gets hurt. It's alright to like (or in this case want) someone but to purposely not respect the other party enough to leave him alone knowing that he already has someone should just piss off.

    And you, if you are a decent human being, you should at least try to feel what your girlfriend might feel. Better to hurt her now by breaking things off with her than hurt her later when she discovers you cheating (because just thinking about it is like the same thing). And it goes the same way with the other girl, she might say that it's ok now but what about the time that she starts investing feelings and want you to be hers exclusively? Now, that's just messy.

    • Why do you have to call her a b*tch?

  • Now I know you're most probably lusting after this new girl, but there's this really significant quote by Johnny Depp that applies to your situation. It goes: "If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second."

    So my advice to you is to go for the new girl as you don't sound like you're really in love with your girlfriend. Your girlfriend deserves to be with someone who truly wants to be with her so do her a favour and break up with her. I'm sure she'll find someone great and so will you

    • See that's the problem I am in love with my girlfriend as well, as a matter of fact I don't consider it a problem. And as far as lust goes, I haven't even kissed her as stated in my update. And I saw that quote on a comment of my other question about having two crushes. That quote does not apply to me. I love them both dearly.

  • 'I love my girlfriend very much' - no, you don't. Stop lying.

    Break up with your current girlfriend, pursue the other girl. Oh, don't come crying when things don't work out with the new girl. A girl who doesn't have a problem helping a guy cheat is certainly not girlfriend 'material'.

    • She's not helping me cheat. She doesn't want to break us up. She knows what she is getting into.

    • Haha, okay. Word it the way you want, buddy.

  • Muppet... There are no words

  • this sounds like lust to me but it might just be me. "I love my girlfriend very much" stop lying you get one or the other. there is no in between, no grey area, etc. if you try to go for both, just remember lies have a way of coming out in the end and i hope that society screws you over.

    • Why do y'all girls wish me trouble, can you please expalin?

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    • What I'm asking is why would these women commentating be very angry with me? I just asked for their opinion.

    • Because you are an asshat if you have a girlfriend you stay loyal if you can't do that you are not mature enough for a relationship.

  • If your girlfriend is cool with it then go for it.

    Otherwise just be single.

  • most people don't tolerate polygamy in the west. polyamorous people must fight for their rights and do more protesting and lobbying for this to become ”ok” in society.

    • So are you saying you would be ok with this if you were in her shoes?

  • I would never ever consider doing that.

  • listen, if you have such strong feeling for another girl while your with your girlfriend whom you "love" i need you to do 3 things for me before you act
    1) see if you actually like your girlfriend or if maybe it's time to break up
    2) figure out if this girl is worth leaving your current girlfriend for (btw, if she talks to you while she's in a relationship, if you date her she'll be talking to other guys while you date too.
    3) break up with your current girlfriend, or forget about the hot chick

  • If you love your girlfriend then why would you go after another girl? Love over desire man, dont make decisions with the wrong head.

    • Lol its not just sexual.

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    • Of course.

    • Well I highly doubt your girlfriend would be too keen on you having a second girlfriend don't you think?

  • Well, who do you like more?

    • That's the thing both.

    • Your only choice really is to decide. Weigh the pros and cons, or just pick one and go with it.

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