What is a good way to talk to an attractive girl who you dont really know that well?

I have 1 class 3 times a week with this really good looking girl, but its a class that I have zero opportunity to talk to her in. Basically its just a big freshman lecture hall, we dont work together or anything, all we do is show up, listen to some old guy drone on for an hour about nothing, and then we leave. She is almost always late to class so I never know where she is going to sit. If she was earlier I would try to sit next to her, but she usually comes in a few minutes late and sits somewhere in the back. Anyway I have been trying to think of a good way to talk to her, she doesn't really have any friends in the class so she always just leaves directly afterwards, which is a problem because since she is in the back she slips out before I can even pack up. I see her around campus sometimes, but she is usually walking with headphones so its awkward to just go talk to her. I have tried sitting in the way back row hoping she would sit next to me, and she did 1 time, when everyone showed up for the exam, but she finished way before me so I didn't get to talk to her about it. Either way though I am awful at talking to women and the conversation is always awkward as is, any tips for what I would say assuming she does sit next to me (which won't happen). I think she is really shy because she normally sits where there aren't any people, so the whole back row is usually empty and if I sit at one end, she sits at the other end. I dont really know what to do, my social skills suck so I dont know how to talk to her, she sits on the other side of the row, and I never get to talk to her. I am really bad at meeting people for the first time by the way, unless I am introduced by someone else.


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  • shy people don't need shy people. So you say she seems shy, when you see her, even if she has headphones or is walking by herself but if you see her and you see an opportunity... Go FOR IT! And I know you say it's awkward when you talk to women but when you get that opportunity, get it in your mindset that it's your only chance and then go up to her, greet her, say you've seen her around, ask her name if you don't know it and introduce yourself to her and then maybe bring up a topic from class. start with something you and her have in common like class, notice if she enjoys class or not then you slowly can build up to other conversations like say you see her often with headphones, what music does she like listening to?

    • be creative and use the environment to create conversations like if class was boring make a witty comment, talk about the work, lets say you wrote a test the next day, ask her about it and how it was. start with the common thing you and her have: Class. Be creative and good luck

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  • Screw the old man's hour. Talk to her then.
    Pass notes if you want !

    Say hi.

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