So I met a guy at the bar and I really like him is there any hope that he'll like me back?

I met this guy a the bar this past Saturday. We have a ton in common it's actually pretty crazy. I went back to his place and we talked for most of the night and made out a little bit but for the most part we just talked and goofed around. When we woke up the next morning we just talked but I was there for like 2.5 hours after I woke up and I'm afraid that was too much. When he drove me home he said that he'll text me or snapchat or call or something and I think I said that snapchatting is fine but that might have given him the wrong impression or something I don't know. But we snapchatted a little yesterday but he stopped responding after a few so I don't know if he's actually into me or not. He did say that he wants to see me again yesterday when he dropped me off. Would it be alright for me to text him first or should I wait to see if he does it?


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  • there is always a hope

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