Why can't I talk to guys I know?

If I know the guy I can't talk to them. It's weird. I tried to talk to some today it's just we can't keep the converstation going. My friend on the other hand has guys talk to her all the time and it makes me feel really bad about myself since they are always saying how hot she is. I know I'm pretty and I feel like I'm prettier than her ( not to sound cocky or anything) , but I just don't get as much male attetion and when I do I never can talk to them. I can talk to strangers really easliy. I can talk to strange guys all day, but when it comes down to people I know I just can't talk. It's not that I'm nervous or anything it's just the converstation doesn't go anywhere or it is really awkward. They don't help carry the conversation either. Any Ideas on why this is? Any tips on how to get through this?


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