Could we possibly still like each other?

We were too shy to do anything about it so we never dated but it appeared that we both liked each other. I'm dating another guy right now and things are getting serious and he has a girlfriend. I haven't been dating my new guy as long as he has been with his girlfriend but I know I still have feelings for my old crush. He (crush) still acts like he likes me though is there a chance he actually does?

  • Yes he hasn't gotten over you and you both still seem to like each other
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  • No he has a girlfriend and therefore doesn't like you anymore even though he acts like he still does
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Most Helpful Girl

  • What acts he showed you that he still likes you?
    Are you sure it's not because you still have feelings for him that makes it seems he still likes you?
    Sometimes feelings makes something usual become unusual though.
    Just make sure you don't mistaken your feelings vs. his actual acts.

    If you being good friends with him maybe you can talk about it with him.
    But it's the last option.
    Make sure you do it carefully if you want to do it though, so you don't ruin his recent relationship.


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  • go for it and know for certain.
    don't want to end up with one person always wondering about another... it'll be better for all of your guys relationships (with each other and your other boos)

  • There could be a chance in the future for you two to be together.