Guys/girls... do you think he may still have feelings spare for me? Be honest please?

Basically we split up in May. Which was months ago now. Long story short, it ended badly. We split over an argument that went wrong and COULD have been fixed. But we were both to angry, hurt and stubborn at the time to fix it.

Anyway, we stopped talking completely. I blocked him on Facebook so there was no way we could be in touch.

He works locally in a superstore and I have tended to see him when I've been doing my shopping there now and then.

For months, we ignored each other completely. No eye contact, not hellos. No smiling. Nothing.

Recently, I noticed him trying to catch my eye when I've been in shopping. I've caught him glancing my way too. But I was scared to look at him, so continued to avoid eye contact.

Until today, when he waited by the entrance of the shop for me to leave. He caught my eye, and I didn't get a chance to look away from him in time.

To my surprise, he smiled ever so slightly, did the cute little wave he used to do when we were together and said hi to me. I said hi back to him, and noticed a bit of sadness in his eyes and over his face.

Thats the first indication of any kind of emotion I've seen from him in 5 months now. And that's the first time he's really made a point of acknowledging me.

And I know that perhaps he's maybe moved past hurting when it comes to me. But I just felt as if there was something still there today.

Maybe I'm imaging it though, what do you think?


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  • He could have regrets over not trying to fix the problem. I've been in a similar situation where I didn't talk to her for almost a year.. When I eventually spoke to her again we both had regrets. Don't necessarily know if in your case there's still something there, but It is possible. Don't get too excited though, it could go either way.

    • Thanks for answering. I believe he'll have regrets? Just like I do. I guess there's almost always a guarantee of regrets after a break up. I know what you mean, I'm wary it could go either way.

      But with him being so darn stubborn and him actually making a first move to say hi to me its like... a milestone where he's concerned. The waving too, it's something he always used to do when we were together. That's what made me wonder about his feelings.

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    • Thanks :) And I hope everything goes well for you and your ex :)

    • Thank you too :)

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  • There's probably something there still. I find it pretty easy to bury my feelings but they also come back immediately if something triggers it. For example, I thought I was over an ex, but seeing her laugh sparked my feelings for her again. That's probably what happened here, or something similar.

    • Thanks for your insight too. It's very possible that's what happened today. He's been on top form with burying his feelings, so much so, I almost thought that they were completely gone. He could have ignored me though, but he didn't. Just makes me wonder how deep the feelings run really, because I really do feel there's something there.

    • I personally would give an ex a special wave for her, if we had one while we were dating (not sure if that's what you were describing, but that's what I grasped). It doesn't necessarily mean I want to get back together, but more of just an acknowledgement of what used to be. Hard to say. Maybe he was initiating something to see if you would respond in kind (i. e. calling him to chat or something). His tone and mannerism during a phone call would probably tell you exactly where he stands with his feelings for you.

    • Yeah, that's what I'm describing. He always waved that way after we kissed goodbye. Exactly, that's what I'm thinking too. Is it just purely an acknowledgement of what was? i think he was potentially sounding out how I'd react to him saying hi since, we haven't spoken in months and he knows I've been under the illusion that we wouldn't speak again. I was so startled, I didn't even stop to try and talk to him... just kept marching on. I don't know? I've never been good at interpreting things on the phone. And he's very good at hiding his emotions.

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