Why are there some white guys, light skinned guys of other races, and black guys who can't get a girl?

Seriously, no matter what you look like, all you have to do is be confident, dress well, smell good, make sure your hair doesn't look bad, and stay fit. Why is this so hard now? Confidence shouldn't be hard because you just gotta keep in mind that you have nothing to lose and the girl who you are approaching is a human being just like you. Be confident and be funny and it should be no problem. Sure, there are girls out there who demand guys to be rich but there are enough girls out there who don't. Just don't be homeless or lazy. Plus being buff and tall isn't even that necessary for you guys to attract girls. Personally, if I was either white, light skinned guy of another race (whether Hispanic, Middle Eastern, or even light skinned Indian), or a black guy, I believe I would have done just fine when it came to girls. You guys have such a huge upperhand when it comes to attracting girls yet I see quite a few of you struggling badly. I'd consider myself lucky if I was you and take full advantage of it. Just knowing that you're white, light skinned, or black should be enough to give you confidence since you have a huge advantage over the rest of the other guys in order to attract girls.


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  • Well, you pretty much answered this yourself: they probably either have no confidence or "game," aren't doing anything with their lives, aren't active and healthy, don't dress nicely, etc.

    There are other more specific reasons, too, though. For example, rudeness or obnoxiousness. Or... maybe they're just really unattractive, and thus have a harder time attracting girls (attractive and unattractive people exist in all races). Or maybe they're okay-looking, but the only girls they go after are super insanely attractive and uninterested. The list goes on. Maybe they have a mental illness, like depression or anxiety, that prevents them from being positive or themselves.

    You have to take a person's past into consideration when thinking about why they are the way they are. We are a result of both our genes and our environments.

    Anyway, I'm a little confused about your intent. You make it sound like you don't fit in with "white, light skinned guys of other races, or black guys." What else is there? / What else would you consider yourself? You look Middle Eastern to me, so wouldn't you fit in with the "light skinned guys of other races?" I hope I don't sound ignorant; I'm just genuinely curious!

    • If they aren't doing all that, then why don't they start doing all that? It's really not hard to be honest.

      Rudeness or obnoxiousness in my opinion doesn't matter, because there are tons of guys like that who can attract girls. And yes, they might be really unattractive to girls face wise but they can make it up by working out. Your other points make sense though.

      What else is there? Asian guys and brown or dark skinned of other races like Indian, Middle Eastern, or Hispanic. I'm a brown skinned Indian guy so I wouldn't fit in the light skinned category but if I was lucky enough to be one, or either white or black, I believe it would have been fairly easy to attract and talk to girls.

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    • Being a certain color doesn't automatically make a person desirable. A white guy who's been nerdy all his life, has no chin, has acne, and is short and small in structure probably doesn't get much attention, even if he's in shape and has confidence. Maybe you're referring more to average-looking white/light skinned/black guys, though... I dunno, I just feel like genes are more of a factor in attractiveness and desirability than a person's race/skin color. Perhaps it also depend on where you live; I think certain looks are desired in different places. Big cities usually have more of a mix of people.

      It's great you have confidence; definitely don't let a few rejections get you down. Guys have it the hardest when it comes to dating, and I think many people of all colors can relate with you.

    • But being white is a huge bonus. If only I was white, I believe I'd be able to attract decent amount of girls. Even if a white guy has a lot of undesirable traits that he can't fix, he can still be able to attract girls by working out, dressing well, smelling good, and just being confident plus funny. And brown or dark skinned Indian looks isn't desired anywhere in the West by girls. No matter how big the cities are, we're automatically unattractive if we're brown or dark skinned Indian guys. The only way we can compensate is by being either rich, buff, and tall (I'm 5'8).

      And yes, I'll always have confidence. Even if I've been rejected by 100s of girls over the past 15 years with a 100% rejection rate. Guys have it hard but white guys, light skinned guys, and black guys don't have it that hard. Even if they are average. But if you're a brown or dark guy or an East Asian guy who can't compensate with the factors I listed earlier, your chances are just as bad as a white obese guy.

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  • Honestly, this kinda sounds like sour grapes based on the false idea some people have that white people hold some magic position in the social hierarchy. That's laughable, because there are plenty of white guys whose lives no one would ever envy.

    I don't think any guy has an advantage over other guys solely based on his skin color or ethnicity. There are plenty of girls who prefer black or Latino guys, so in those cases, white guys are at a disadvantage. The real advantage is in how one looks (height, fitness, facial attractiveness) and the persona that one projects to the girls he meets. A muscular black athlete has a huge advantage in dating over a short, fat, nerdy white guy. Same goes for guys of any race.

    The problem some black and Latino guys encounter is that they don't really know how to interact with white girls. These guys might hate white people in general, yet they wonder why they can't connect with a certain hot white girl. Their egos tell them that their game is bulletproof, so they chalk it up to some racial bias that favors white guys. Not true. The reality is that the game that works on black girls and Latinas usually doesn't work on white girls.


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  • You forgot that you have to go outside and have some social skills.

    • True. Nothing is going to happen if they stay in their mom's basement playing World of Warcraft or whatever online. But going outside and having some social skills shouldn't be too hard now.

    • It's hard for those who have mental issues.

  • Most of them wait for a perfect "opportunity" , they get caught up with just one girl and get pouty when she rejects them or put them in the imaginary place called "The Friendzone"

    • But they still have a lot of options out there. What's the point of dwelling over just one girl?

    • Yea Ikr but oh well we can't change how people are xD

  • I'm a black guy it's not that easy to be confident, especially when for 24 years I've never had a girl ever show interest in me or give me the time of day ever. I'm an average height guy at 6'4 so that stuff doesn't matter to an extent but girls have to be somewhat attracted to you physically. Something I don't have but I'm slowly learning to accept that I'll be alone

    • But being black automatically gives you a huge advantage in dating over large percentage of the male population like Asian guys or guys of any race who are brown or dark skinned like Indians, Middle Easterners, or Hispanics. Not to mention, 6'4 is an amazing height. Just up your confidence and see girls as an another human being like you and you should be fine. Work out, dress well, smell good, and know that you're a very tall guy. That right there should give you confidence plus be funny time to time rather than dull and awkward.

    • I do dress well, smell good and work out lol. Girls just don't find me attractive. It's all natural selection, Im just not appealing at all to a woman to continue my line or have a romantic relationship, I'm not mad or anything. Just a part of life

    • If you're gonna bring up natural selection, you should have an advantage since you're really tall and you work out. Not to mention, you have a racial advantage too so confidence is your main and probably your only problem.

  • You, sir, are stupid. A major network did a study on this guy who was just 5 feet tall, and NOBODY EVER wanted to go out with him. OR what about an extremely ugly man? Women care about looks.
    OR what if he has addiction issues that are genetic? or is bi-polar, or has SAD? OR was abused as a child, either sexually or emotionally? OR has Asperger's, or is too different from most people that he finds no cliques to belong to (or should I say women shun him as he is not "popular enough")? by the way your use of PUA cocky/fake it til you make it is obvious.

    Go back to school junior, and come back when you have two cogent thoughts to rub together.

    • Meh. The cases you brought up are extreme ones. Your average person doesn't go through all that.

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