Guys, do you think he likes me?

I want to make this short. We're both studying the same course at uni, but he's a year ahead of me. We have a lot of mutual friends, but we doesn't hang out a lot.
- At first he would tak to me. Now he doesn't talk to me. He's very outgoing and talks to everyone but me. My friend (a mutual friend) says that it's very weird that he doesn't talk to me.
- He always look at me for some time, when he has just entered a room or if I'm leaving.
- His body is almost always facing me.
- He looks at me and listens to me when I'm talking to someone and he's nearby.
- He looks at me from a far.
- He sometimes look at me if I hug or dance with other guys (typical mutual friends).
To all the amazing guys who read this, do you think he likes me, or is he just being weird?

Thank you. :)


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  • he has some signs no doubts but you just have to talk to him more I don't know maybe he can help you in studying or something since he is a year ahead of you ;) ;) :) .
    Ooh and Thanks :D :D

    • Oh gosh. If you're right and he likes me (no one knows for sure but him)... That's quite overwhelming. Maybe I should start of by adding him on FB. That's a start, haha. ;) Maybe it'll be a tiny icebreaker?
      We are both going to a friend's Halloween party. That gives me some time to plan something.
      I didn't know that I intimidates him. I must be scary, since he stopped talking to me.
      You are welcome. :)

    • well I think you just wait till you first talk to him some more in real life before the face book thing.

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