Girls if your boyfriend pushed you to the ground would you automatically break up with him?

Me and my girlfriend got into a pretty hefty argument last night. It really escalted and she began to scratch me and hit me so i pushed her to the floor. When i did that all of a sudden her tone changed and she was like "ok please don't hurt me, i'm sorry". I just pushed her, i did not do anything to hit her. I'am not happy with what i did regardless.

So before she left last night she said sorry for what she did and i said sorry for pushing her. She seemed pretty sympathetic. Today she won't answer her phone or texts. We've been together for 3 years and we barely argue but this was a big one. Would you girls stay with a guy who done this (take my sitiation into account)? I'am just worried cause she's not answering her phone


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  • I've had a past relationship where an argument has gotten out of hand like this. Its not right for her to put hands on you and I commend you for not hitting her back. It takes a lot of self control to not do it and I understand that you do feel bad for it, but she is playing the victim when she was the first to strike. All in all this isn't a healthy relationship, I would give yourself, not her, some time to truly evaluate the relationship, then try to talk to her when things are cooled down. Even if you guys haven't argued like this, she still put her hands on you.

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    • Your welcome, anytime. I'm happy to hear your friend is doing a lot better and I'm glad I could help in some way. It was nice talking to you too and thank you again for everything that you said to me. I wish you the best of luck in this crazy game called life. Never give up & never surrender. PLUR ✌💚

    • yup you too :)

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  • Hm...

    Tough call.

    If I were in her position there would be a lot of things I would be processing right now.

    1. I believe in the "eye for an eye" thing. I would think that yeah, I totally had a shove coming when I decided to act like an animal.

    2. Although I would have had it coming, I would have been angry that you reacted that way. I would have also been angry at myself for having behaved in a way that brought on the push. So there'd be equal blame in my mind for that.

    3. I would be considering if the relationship was worth it.

    4. If what we were arguing about was so important that we got physical, is it not important enough to merit a break up?

    5. If I could push us to the point of physical anger once, who's to say it won't happen again and you or I won't be able to stop ourselves before we actually hurt each other?

    6. If I accept that chancing it is something I am willing to do, what happens when we fight about something more serious and one of us ends up severely hurt?

    So... yeah. I'm torn. If a fight I had ended up like that I'd probably walk away. And I understand the decision process since I'm also in a multi-year long relationship.

    I would be spending a lot of time thinking about it though. A lot of time. It'd be one thing if he pushed me when I didn't do anything - that'd be an instant break up. It's a more complicated thing when I also got physical and got physical first. I would be angry at myself for causing the entire situation, but I now would know that he also will react physically and I would seriously be thinking about the future fights we'd have and if, since fighting in a relationship is guaranteed, being with him is worth chancing injury.

    • 3 and 4 scare me :$ we've been together for 3 years and we have maybe 7-8 small arguments in the past. This was by far the biggest and worst. I truly do love her and she explained to me why she was mad and so stressed.

      I don't want her to leave :( that is why i'm soo worried. Today i wanted to say my apology. I would never push her if she did not do anything to me by the way. I would never ever hurt her. I'm just scared now cause she said she is really sorry but won't answer my calls today :(

  • wow... she obviously regrets what she did, but that was very wrong of her of course. she most likely isn't answering her phone because she's still too angry at herself to talk to u.

    honestly, i would take into account if he pushed me out of character or if this is an underlying violent behaviour he has. I'm sure i wouldn't break up unless i knew this was gonna become something consistent or if it outweighed all his positive traits.

    i hope u guys get through alright.

    • Thanks. I hope she answers my all tomorrow. We ave never had a argument so bad as this and she was going thorugh some personal things and so on.

    • no worries. totally understandable. it can happen. just make sure y'all dont give up on each other. i promise u, if u can get through this, u can get through anything else, because u and i both know that won't b the last argument u have.

    • i think it will go good. Thank You

  • Would you stay with a girl who starts hitting you

    • this was the first time and we've been together for 3 years and she was going through a tough time which i didn't know about. I would stay with her in my situation

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    • I'm as serious boy let her call you don't give her the power to make you feel like shit once you do that she will step all over you , you show her you have self value

    • Ok thanks for the help and honesty

  • If she hit you and scratched and all you did was push her off you, technically you were doing what you could to get away from her.

    Now considering I would never do any of what you girlfriend did, if a man suddenly pushed me to the ground out of nowhere and in anger, yes not only would I break up but I would be filing assault charges.

    • i would never ever push her without reason. I'am worried cause she hasn't answered my calls today :(

    • I would say follow @rensz advice. She pretty much said it all that needs to be said. Be happy that at least you didn't retaliated by hitting her back.

    • yeah, thanks

  • If someone pushed me to the ground I would break up with him. But I wouldn't have been scratching or hitting him in the first place so I hope it would never get to that point. This sounds like a bad situation. I'm sorry, I don't know what will happen. Would you have pushed her if she had not been scratching and hitting you? Because if not, then you are definitely both at fault and I don't know if you can work past that or not, but it might be possible if you both apologize sincerely.

    • no i would have not pushed her if she were not to scratch/hit me. I did it so she would basically stop. She said sorry yesterday to me and today i wanted to do my own apology but she has not answered her phone and i'm worried. We've been together for 3 years and probably in those 3 years only had about 7 or 8 arguments. Not even big ones, but this one was a bad one

    • Okay, I guess you should just do your best to touch base with her but maybe give her a little bit of time first. You probably don't want to come on too strong right away after a fight like that.

    • ok i will give her a day. Thanks

  • I would be like "wtf! Is wrong with you! Don't be fucken pushing me, you dick head!"

    • So even if the girl hit the guy like in my case? I should of not put hands on?

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    • what should i do instead?

  • No, but that's just me.
    She was clearly scared.

    • Ok. She has not answered her phone today :( what can i do? just give it time?

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  • How did she act between the argument and leaving your house?

    • well After the argument she just apologized and said she was very stressed and so on.

    • Did she stay for a while or did she leave immediately.