Are these good rules to have for dating?

So from all experiences in dating, mainly online dating, I've yet to form a relationship from them but based on what I observed from them I've come up with these rules to keep me from wasting time and have a better idea of what I want. 1. Don't settle/keep seeing someone that I don't feel the spark for whether it's a lack of physical attraction or common interests/things to talk about. 2. Don't date someone who lives 45 + minutes away especially if they don't have a car and work conflicting schedules. Regarding number 1, it's been unfortunate because the ones who wanted to keep seeing me I don't like back and vice versa. I may have nothing against them but they either are not attractive physically as they used misleading pictures or they may be attractive/decent but have nothing in common and more importantly have nothing to add to the conversation making it feel like an interview. Kinda felt like I'm dating just to date and dating shouldn't be yeah I'm seeing this girl but meh I could care less. Regarding number 2, if you only get to see each other less than 4-5 times a month regularly and it's a pain to make it work, it may as well be a long distance relationship. Thoughts?


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  • I wish I would've seen this along time ago so I wouldn't have wasted his time

    • I just made this today lol, but I guess I should have asked a long time ago

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    • Some friends would tell me to go ahead and give her a chance, settle, etc and I've done that with others for a few dates and honestly it does nothing for me. I mean I'm not leading them on with malicious intent or anything but having been used as a rebound/ego boost, I didn't like being used so why do it to someone else? Not to sound entitled but why date someone if you feel absolutely no excitement when you see them?

    • That's true, and if the word "settle" is to describe it, it's already wrong lol. I'm usually what guys settle for and I don't know being used as a rebound, punching bag or used a side bitch.
      Only did that dating site crap once and I figured I'm okay with going back to being anti social only talking to people through a screen. And sincewhat little confidence i did posses had decided to sleep and my sex drive is dead Im okay being in my solitary confinement I named my room. With my ps3 playing Rpgs , writing, reading , and fixing myself lol.
      I don't think dating sites are good but our generation can't seem to communicate unless behind a screen (me included ) only problem is like you said you can fabricate yourself if you think it's necessary. I don't see a point in lying if you plan to see them. That's why I don't put pics but I use a anime character I like lol

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