How long does the average middle/ high school relationship last?

XD so all these people are getting into a relationship and break up a week later. Do you'll see that pattern too? Or is it just me? There are exceptions though.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Like 24-72 hours lmao

    • Well yeah, that happens a lot to I would just not use the word “relationship” to describe it.

Most Helpful Girl

  • In middle school? You're an old couple if you survive the weekend.

    In high school? Typically a few months.

    Then there are those special people who meet in 8th grade and date all through high school and college and get married. But they're rare. :p


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What Guys Said 3

  • Sure, there are always exceptions but most people that age are just starting to experiment with dating. It is only natural for things to go wrong as they try to figure out what makes a relationship work.

  • Middle schoolers know little about the effort required to sustain a relationship so those last from as long as the duration of an erection to maybe as long as a menstrual cycle.
    High school gets better but there still most relationships die for lack knowledge of the effort required.

    • OMG XD You just made my day with that, Clever way of putting it.

  • HS here, day two max. Due to my f-ed up mindset


What Girls Said 1

  • lol nope there is certainly a pattern.

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