I need relationship advice, ASAP. How the hell do I start a conversation and keep it going? HELP?

I'm in a long distance relationship. It's been almost 10 months so far, and I can't imagine myself without him, but conversation has gotten dull. We've covered most of the personal topics, but he doesn't open up much. I try initiating conversation, but it usually falls flat in a couple of minutes. Since it's long distance, and we talk 24/7, we can't fill any conversational gaps with hugs and kisses and shit that couples do. So I need to know how to communicate with other living organisms, especially this one. Help! D:


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  • The trick is to keeping the conversation interesting. It can be anything from weird shit that pops into your head, to deep philosophical crap. If you are doing what you can but he is not, he may be losing interest. This might help you out a bit.



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