Girls, How to ask out a shy and inexperienced girl?

I met an amazing girl over the summer when I had a summer job, and I have gotten pretty close to her through working. She is really nice to me, makes a lot of jokes, sometimes pushes me, and she is always willing to help me. I was thinking about asking her out, but after talking to her friends on the bus today, they told me she was actually really shy and super inexperienced with guys. Apparently, besides a couple of dates, she has never had an actual relationship. Thus, after talking to them, I asked them why she acted so differently around me, and they told me that she might have friendzoned me. Girls, would you say this is true? If so, is there anything I can do about it? All help appreciated!!!


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  • The best sure fire way is just to say "hey I really like you do I have a chance?" But tbh I know how hard that can be.

    • Hahaha yeah it is, I actually had the courage to do it that day but after talking to them I lost all of it :/ I just don't want to lose a friend, and is an approach that direct too awkward? Or do girls prefer when guys just tell them their feelings?

    • Personally as a "shy girl" with no exparience I need guys to be direct

    • Okay thanks for the help, so if I went up to her tomorrow, how should I let her know about my feelings?