How can I ask my girlfriend for sex? Should would probably be ready right (this is my first time)?

I really want to have sex with my girlfriend. We have been dating for a month and i think it's itme. I'am ready and i think she is too. The ONLY problem is i got a bit to excited a couple of night ago and started to pull down her thong and then she was like "hold on their, stop it ". Is that a sign she might not be ready for sex? She is my first girldriend and we're both virgins. I did kinda "dry hump" her but apprently i was too aggresive :/

How should i go about this


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  • Ehh, honestly, it sounds like she may be hesitant. This is a good time to have "the sex talk." What that means is before you try to go in without warning, you have to have an actual discussion. You need to sit down and let her know you feel ready and want to have more (honestly it seems like she's not ready) and see where she stands on the subject. From there, based on her response, you can decide when you both feel a good time would be to reapproach the subject physically.

    • i dont want to scare her off or anything i do respect her wishes if she doesn;t want to. The hesitent part you are correct. Like when i do go down on her but nothing exposed i just get too horny aha and she said i' a bit aggressive. When i did take off her thong it was as if she didn't like it. Other than that we both enjoy fooling around with each other but whenever i get close to her vagina it's like she gets defensive. She did have one other boyfriend in the past but he was very commanding and she broke up with him. I will respect her wishes no matter what

    • It's pretty clear to me that your girl isn't ready for what you are ready for. This is why you need to talk to her about it.

    • Now that i think about it yeah :/ well we will talk

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  • Talk to her about it. Ask her, her thoughts on the subject


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  • Ya you should sit down with her and talk... you're going pretty fast. A month is barely any time at all especially for 2 people who have never had sex


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