What should I do?

I net this guy a couple of weeks ago we have met twice. he's super nice to me he texts me when he can theough out he day he dont because he works so later he usually shoots me a text and we talk until he decides he wants to talk on the phone. We talked on the phone last night and he asked me what I was doing this weekend and I said probably nothing as always so I told him we could meet up and go out maybe to a bar or where ever and he came up with the movies he said he hasn't been in a while. We continued to talk about that and other things he mentioned i could invite my friends if I wanted to. And we hang up with each other and he sed he will talk to me tomorrow I have yet to hear from him we talk nearly everyday I know I maybe overreacting. Last time we were hanging out we drank outside my house he bought me abottle of wine. He also when we first met called his ex his room mate sed she was crazy and was on drugs them as we keep talking weeks go by he says she's claims she pregnant and its his but turned out she's not and the last time we hang out he calls her his ex. I like this guy but I can't help but to think he's could be hiding something but then I start to see other wise to im confused. He always kept inviting me to the bar a couple of weeks ago and was telling me his mom was up there with im thinking he wanted me to meet her but we only have been talking maybe a month anybody have any type of advice for me?


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  • Listen to what your instincts are telling you