What do you do if the girl you like has a boyfriend BUT has strong feelings for you as well?

the girl I fell for has a boyfriend but had been seeing me while she was with him, and now I'm really confused on what to do about it..


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  • Bro what makes you think that she won't do the same thing to you if she leaves him for you? I would keep hitting that and nothing more. You don't want to be with a girl that's willing to cheat on her boyfriend


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  • Wtf? Stop messing with her. Even if she does leave him for you she'll just cheat on you as well.

    • (This was posted by a friend of mine she needed advice) but the two of them had been through a lot, and caused my friend to fall for her hard and now I'm worried about her and everyone but her can see that the girl that my friend fell for is using her as a second choice... But thank you for your feedback. (This is a lesbian that I'm talking about sorry for any confusion 😂)

    • Lol, no problem. I figured. But seriously it's just like you said. This girl (even if she likes your friend) is using her as a second choice. I never understood why some people are okay with that. Always be someones first choice. <3

    • I totally agree.

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