Girls, Would you date a past crush if he asked you out?

If you flirted with your crush but he never made a move because he was shy and asked you out several months later would you say yes or if you felt like he ignored you would you have gottennover him and not want to go out with him?
In my particular example, if you don't want to read the rest thats fine, there was this girl who had a crush on me. She would always flirt with me and I know she liked me but I never made a move because I'm incredibly shy. I got over my shyness (sort of) and I aked this girl for her number she smiled giggled and said maybe.


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  • No. I'm not dating a boy who acted like I was a second option


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  • Nope.

    He has changed a lot.

    Some of his new habits are an absolute deal breaker for me.

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