How long does it take you to move on from a relationship?

  • Really fast, just days
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  • 1-3 months
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  • 4-6 months
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  • 1 year
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  • 2+ years
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  • Never really get over someone
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Well girls and guys go about it differently... for girls it hurts hard and is over fast. For guys it lasts long and its a more constant pain than anything.
    Other factors hang in the wake of it as well such as:
    -how long the relationship was
    -how invested you were
    -how you were treated
    -how strong you were at the end
    Personally my first 3 relationships were completely fine. the chick broke up with me in class and I didn't care one bit about it... she was more hurt that I didn't give a fuck than I was...
    My last two were a bit more difficult the first one was 4 years long in an LDR she cheated and that took a toll which took about 4 mos to get over...
    the my most recent of 3 years... I was incredibly invested... I was very hurt along the way... and I was incredibly weak at the end... I am now about a year and a half out... feeling fine, life has moved on, but of course something is still there and I imagine will always be there.


Most Helpful Girl

  • in the past it'd be a very short period of time. hours, days, a month at most.

    but if my current partner left me I'd be lost for a very very long time.


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What Guys Said 3

  • it isn't really healthy to dwell on that for long in my opinion, I would say about a month is a good time period, because the next best thing might be out there

  • It depends on how much you love and care about the person, there really isn't a time frame. It depends on the individual, I get over my breakups by talking to other girls. Try seeing other people, hopefully someone else gets your attention.

  • It depends. I've gotten over a divorce in quick fashion, but am still not over losing the first love of my life.


What Girls Said 1

  • Depends on the relationship. My first one? About 5 minutes.

    My second? About a month.

    My current? If that goes up in flames... I'm not ever coming back from it lol no way.

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