I have a crush on my neighbor. We have developed a nice friendship. How can I tell if he likes me as more than a friend?

We sit outside and talk quite a bit and helped eachother with errands. We have a lot in common. He's invited me out to a few events but I have had to work etc. One night he texted me to come outside for a drink we hung out for a few hours drinking and having a great time. He didn't pull any moves on me though and doesn't seem to be flirty. We just have fun and talk about the things we mutually enjoy. He's also given me records and cd's that he's thought I would like. I know I pull back a little since I'm aware that it could get messy liking a neighbor that way. Is he doing the same or just not interested? He mentioned an event this week that he thought I would like. I just want to know what he thinks of me before I start getting silly ideas. Also, we both moved to this small town and there aren't many other people with our interests.


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  • He is waiting for a sign from you that says you are interested. Go for it!

    • awesome thanks! What kind of sign would you suggest?

    • Let him know you can go to the event tomorrow night. Ask him to come to your house when he is ready to go. When he shows up, tell him you'll be ready in 2 minutes. Call him from your bedroom and ask him to help zip up your dress or blouse. Very subtle, yes?

  • This looks like gold. If the events he suggests don't fit your schedule, suggest one of your own that does.

    • He mentioned something happening tomorrow night. Maybe I'll let him know I can go.

    • Good luck!! :)

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