Sex with a guy I actually care about?

So I've had sex with a good handful of guys, and it's been great, but I've never been worried because I haven't had an emotional connection to any of them. I recently started dating this guy, whom I actually care a lot about. He's different than the others and we have such a compatitable mental connection. We've been hanging out for about 2 weeks and haven't slept together yet, which is great because we're building a great mental connection, but very different than how my relationships normally start. I'm really nervous about having sex with this guy because I actually really do like him and maybe see myself having a future with him, but what if our connection doesn't translate in the bedroom? Does anybody have any advice for calming me down and just going for it?


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  • Do you have some special fetish or kink that most guys won't tolerate? Love is about learning to please each other; it does not necessarily start with instant sexual compatibility. If the feelings are there, you will develop the relationship. This is why people say that good relationships are work.


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