Drinks as friends or something more?


So, I met a girl last year online. We met up a few times and eventually nothing happened. So I stopped talking to her. She reached out ot me maybe 6-7 months ago and I decided to give it another chance. We then met up and I brought the topic of dating. I could tell she was into me, but she made it clear she doesn't want to date anyone. She feels dating right now will hold her up, as she wants to do random things like travel, possibly move up north etc.. and a relationship will hold her up or make her feel like she is stuck with someone.

Anyway, we decided to have dinner to catch up last week. So somehow the idea of having a hardcore drinks night came up. I joked about how it would be fun to see the drunk shitfaced version of her. So, I said yea let's do it sometime. And, she said how about 2 weeks from now, as we both have that weekend off. So the plan is to drink pretty hard and take a cab home (we live5 mins apart so sharing a cab doesn't hurt.)

Now my question is should I go with this or cancel? I'm having 2nd doubts, because I do like this girl and want a relationship. But, I don't know what this drinks night means? Is it a chance to see if she feels different after 6 months now. I guess I agreed, because I wanted to see what happens. Maybe she opens up more and things change from there?

any opinions?


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