Being in a long distance relationship.. why do I feel this way?

what to do when you're in a long distance relationship and it has reached up the point where you guys talk lesser than usual and also when you guys are on a Skype call, there's nothing much to talk about... i feel so bummed over this but it seems completely fine on his side. i also find myself getting really annoyed and angry whenever i talk to him but my feelings for him grows everyday. I've never felt this way its so foreign to me. we've only been together for 2-3 months... i dont know what to do. any advice?


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  • long distance never works.

    • if you have that mindset all this while then yea, it will never work. but i wna convince myself otherwise this time. sigh

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    • I am sorry I was just quoting Ted from How I met your mother. I don't know much about relationships cuz i've never been in one lol. But yeah that's what Ted said. That kinda rhymed lol.

    • Lol no problem :p

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  • It happened to me yes.
    I am in a ldr for one year and a half i passed by a period like that where even when skyping we didn't have anything to say , i used to get angry thinking " why doesn't he put an effort to talk about anything? " " he doesn't love me anymore?" , i felt annoyed and whenever i talked to him he used to say : i am like that , not talkative. So i just solved it by myself i used to talk about anything really anything , a video i watched , a picture , my day and ask him what do u think or stuffs like that to make him talk. If he can not initiate the convo i obliged him to open his mouth and talk XD u should try that ^^
    notice that maybe he is tired , when guys get tired they just stay quiet and u can talk and he listens to comfort him or smth , ask him what is wrong.. etc
    if it doesn't work then u have to directly ask him why doesn't he talk that it annoys u and he should put on more efforts if he wants to preserve ur relationship and if he really loves u. i did that to my boyfriend kkk
    Or another solution u may play game at same time , i mean multiplayer , watch a movie at same time or just a video , funny or anything that interessts u , u will have a good time and u will not struggle to find what to say ^^ until the situation gets better

    If u want any other advice at any time i am here to help ^^
    good luck ♡

    • ill try that and see how that goes. thank you x

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    • @Shamiexo95 :
      You should give the MHO to her if you feel her opinions is really helpful to you..
      You said it by yourself that you'll try her advice, right?
      Besides, I really thought that those are great advice, too..
      (Sorry if I'm being rude or seems dictating what you must do, I really don't mean that.)

    • @Nonik you are so sweet haha thank you so much i wouldn't think my advice is that good >< thanks ♥

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  • Do you ever tell him about your feeling or maybe ask him why he did that?
    I've experienced it, and in my case it's me who seems fine..

    It's my first year as a college student and I live in mixed boarding house..
    Mostly of my friends always hold a gathering at night before we go to bed at midnight, which the same time when I usually chat with him..
    At first, I can spare my time between my friends and him.. I still reply his message during the gathering.. And I still send him good night and good morning message..
    But then, I start to spend my time more with my friends and started to attracted with someone else..
    That's when I gradually cut-out our communication and not reply his messages..
    Finally, with our own activity at our own place, we lost contact..

    I admit that I was wrong in this case..
    And even though we're not a lovers yet, but I DO regret for letting him go..
    He's a good guy though and I have a good connection with his family..
    I think he's already told his big family about me too..
    He still be my best friend and I still ask myself soo many "what if" sometimes when I meet him, wondering if our relationship will be different now..

    • well... i have a problem opening up to people if they are the reason. I'm sorry to hear that. regretting a decision that can't be turned back is one of the worst feeling ever.

  • maybe you guys should plan on meeting each other