If I'm messing around with different girls is that dating?

99% of the time when people say something about dating they are referring to only two people being together. If I'm messing with multiple girls and neve plan on getting exclusive with them is that dating too? What's that called?


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  • That's not dating at all. Seems like either one night stands or friends with benefits

    • Dating has to be exclusive? Because I've also heard people say that "dating around" is dating and that a relationship is a exclusive monogamous thing. That part is for a different time but it's just to give you some context on the "dating around" part.

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  • Messing around? Making a mess? Playing in the mud? What are you doing with these chicks?

    • This is a hypothetical question, but I mean talking to. Hanging out. Having sex with. Things like that.

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    • The above is just a rehash of what I originally said to begin with. Not needed.

      The second part was all I was asking. I know what I'll say now and it's not dating so your jab missed very badly.

    • Okay. I'm glad you finally understood.