How to deal with a very insecure girl?


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  • make her feel like she's the luckiest person on earth and she will slowly open up to you, also compliment her a lot but be genuine about it and make her see that she's not as bad as she think she is :) it takes time and its only up to her whether if she wants to change her mindset about herself


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  • There's nothing you can really do to stop her from being insecure. Only she can stop herself. She needs to realize that everyone is insecure about something and that we're all kinda f*cked up somehow. This is coming from someone who use to be deeply insecure (and still struggle with it but not as much as when I was in high school).

    I don't know... you gotta give more info. What exactly is she insecure about?


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  • There's two ways I know can work (they worked on me):

    First one, make it aware that there isn't anything wrong with her. If she thinks she's incompetent, ask her why. Break it down to the most basic things. If she doesn't work hard, why? Make her recognize what the problem is in her, and convince her that she needs to change that. Make her hate the part of her that's holding her back by making what needs to change obvious.

    Second, put her in a situation where she HAS to change, usually through responsibilities. Make her feel like she's in control, and she needs to be competent to accomplish things. People will change if they need to. People are not born perfect or good. They are made that way because they need to be. Make her NEED to be the person she wants to be, and a responsibility is a good way of forcing that to happen.