Why don't boys like me?

I am 19 never had a first kiss or anything! I have talked to some guys. Some guys show interest. But they just wanna have sex I guess or they put me in the friend zone. They call me hot and cute guys do. I know I'm not ugly I was a cheerleader in hs people say I'm always nice and smiling I have great friends. I'm genuine. I just I guess always mess up with guys!! I'm sick of being single ): I just don't get it boys lead me on but then basically friend zone me or just want sex. Or if I'm "talking" to a guy we just stop. Even when I do nice things for them! I don't know. I'm just chilling. But how do I put myself out there (not sex wise) I wanna date!! I don't know where to start HELP ya girl );


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  • Sometimes it's just about meeting the right person at the right time.

    Try being confident and approaching guys you find interesting.

    • confidence isn't everything its also about your personality more if i was a high and mighty feeling girl almost any guy would hate me because id be a bitch but if i was a too relaxed person only relaxed people would like me its all about how you act that attracts the guys physical attraction can only go so far

    • @GnarCute

      You are way over thinking this. You don't need to "high and mighty" to be confident. Just approach the person feeling good about yourself, and expressing interest. Pretty much any guy finds that attractive.

    • no by high and mighty i mean the kind of person who think they deserve respect from everyone because they are better

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  • maybe you think you highly of yourself not once did you tell us a negative thing about you. thinking too highly of yourself sets a tone in conversations and gives you an over bitch kinda look but if you dont then you must do something else to put them off pls list info about the bad things you do

    • should also add being good looking is only 40% of how to get a man the others are more important good looking is how to in bed with someone not in a relationship you have to have a good over all personality

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    • thats not all of your bad qualities thats just one

    • you yourself can't tell what are you bad qualities only people who know you can

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