Is taking it slow or just not into me?

I met a guy online last week. We went out on Wednesday and things seemed to go well. We then chatted here and there. He mentioned trying to hang out on the weekend but then it didn't work out (He has two kids and I have one). He then mentioned getting together this week sometime. He ended up asking me to hang out last night (Monday). We had a good time and he mentioned that he couldn't wait to hang out again. The problem is that on the first date we hugged and he kissed my cheek. The second date we hugged and he kissed me a quick on the lips. He doesn't seem to text much, I don't want to seem too eager and text him too much either. My question is if he is just taking it slow with me because he likes me or is he just being nice?


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  • If he didn't say anything about taking thing slow then keep doing what you are doing but keep in mind he has kids as well.


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