Some Women are mad they aren't being courted by men anymore?

I was reading an article online my female friend showed me saying Women are mad they aren't being courted by men. I asked her, how many men she had one night stand with took her to dinner before having sex with her, she replied none. I replied why should I pay for something when you're giving it for free. I've been in a situation where I knew women who was sleeping around with strangers me included, ended up hooking up with them and becoming friend with benefit. After a while, they will start catching feelings with me and wanted an exclusive relationship with me which I denied it but continued to sleep with them because you're not worth it, I know i'm not the only one you're sleeping with.

In my opinion, the reason why most women aren't being courted is because the presence of various other men in an average woman's life. Simply put - the average woman either has had way too many cocks in her OR her nasty feminist mindset has made her not worth the trouble to bother to invest any time in and Why court when you know others have gotten it free.

What do you think people aren't being courted anymore?


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  • Well the same way some women would tell bitter man to man up, I'm just going to say "well boo fucking hoo" at this. Deal with it.

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