Guys, If a guy talks about you all the time to his friends?

I've known this guy for over a year now, recently he started inviting me out with him & his best guy friends. He's done it twice now. While he was drunk he admitted to liking me for 6 months but was scared to say it. The first time we were out he kissed me, we made out & the second time I hung out with them I slept over his apartment but we didn't have sex. Over the weekend he invited me out with them for a 3rd time, all of his close childhood friends & one of them pulled me aside & said "you know he doesn't normally bring girls around us and he talks about you all the time" Yet, him and I still haven't had an actual date. Does it mean anything if a guy talks about a girl all the time to his friends?


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  • course it does, if you're on his mind he obviously cares for you. the problem is what he is talking about with his friends

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