I want to make him my boyfriend but I don't know what he wants?

I started seeing this guy about a month and a half ago and there was an instant connection but I don't know what he wants. We hang out at his house or mine and watch movies and talk and cuddle. The sex is amazing, we text every day and he asks me how my day is, I went out of town for 2 weeks and he told me that he missed me but there are just signs that confuse me. I asked him what he wanted out of what we were doing and he replied "isn't it obvious of my intentions with the messages I send you, just go with the flow". The confusing part is, all we do is stay home. I know we work opposite schedules (he works 7 am to 4 pm and I work at nights) but on my nights off why can't we go to dinner or a movie. Isn't a guy who likes you more than friends supposed to take you out and show you off? He is a homebody and I understand that but I want more than just cuddling and sex. Any opinions?

Also, if you know anything about horoscopes, he is a scorpio and so am I. Is this a mixture for disaster?


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  • Have you told him that you'd like to go out for dinner?