I am confused about this girl I like?

There is this girl that I'm interested in, but she is confusing the hell it of me. First off out of nowhere she tells me something that happened to her recently. At the same time whenever she talks to me she keeps telling me about other guys and so forth. She gave me her number, but said it was for this class project we were working on. I tried to talk to her via text (I hate talking on the phone, I rather text or talk in person), to see what she was doing for the weekend, but once I did that the conversation halted. I just don't understand her, I have never asked her out even though I am attracted to her. I tend to like to take things slowly, but have been thinking to ask her out, more or less not necessarily on a date, but just to hang out so I can get to know her better (ok so I guess it would be a date). I am just confused on what to do.


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  • It seems like most likely she's neutral towards you ask her to hang out she will probably get the hint you like her. You have to ask her to hang out or a date or else you will never see her interest. So go for it. If she doesn't help you out on y'all hanging out she's not interested.

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