He said "take care" after us deciding to take a break, is it over?

I asked this guy I had been seeing if he wanted to consider to see each other. He then asked if I were having second thoughts. I then called him on the phone and we had a discussion. He has not been in a relationship in years and was telling me how he is not used to having to plano something each weekend. He also mentioned how he is just used to being able to hang with his friends and do the things he liked.

I then asked him what he wanted and he said a break. So I asked him if we were on a break would we be seeing other people and he was like no. I am quite confused because he is the one who has initiated everything. Like having me to meet his friends and some family, talking about future, saying how he loves kids. I just find it odd. He also asked me the other wk. to spend the night at his house, but then when I awoke he was down stairs. (didnt have sex)

He was telling me how weird it was for him to share his bed with another. He told me that if he wanted to start things back up, he'd text me and if not it'd be safe to say things were over. I took it as things were over, but he ended the call with take care. I think for him it is hard for him having to be with someone and having to lost that independence. I find all of it very odd since just last week he was asking me where I worked and he was planning something for my birthday.


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