Girls, is she interested in me?

I met a girl who is new in my previous job, she the daughter of a guy that works there, and my mother works there too, so our colleagues introduced us. We hang out and she said she was really looking forward to meet me because she heard everyone saying good things about me. Also I caught her staring at me couple of times. So we crossed when I was on the way to the toilet and she was looking at me so I stopped her and spoke for a minute. Then I asked for her phone number and she gave it to me, we stared each other for some moments and when I asked for a kiss (I know I shouldn't have asked), she said that the situation was strange because of the friendship of our parents. So I agreed and she hugged me, and we spoke for another while. The next day we messaged on the phone quite a bit. She said that we should first hang out with our colleagues and then we shall see... I let some days pass and wrote her back again, and she was nice to me, but that's it. If I start the conversation she would answer warmly, but i have to start it... I am thinking about her way too much. What do you guys think? Thanks


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  • she doesn't sound much interested to me