Does my crush like me or does he only want a hookup?

I have a crush on a guy from my co-ed intramural basketball team. We play once a week from 8pm-11pm but we're not required to go to every game, just whenever we feel like it. Since I joined in June, my crush and I have played in probably 6-7 games together.

He's always very flirty and affectionate toward me during games. Like he'll give me a lot of hugs and lift me up and put his arms around me and slap my butt when I score points. He only does this with me and although he's polite to everyone, he pretty much ignores all the other girls on our team. The other girls are just as attractive and athletic as me though. Our teammates have even asked if we're a couple before. He also always texts me on the game days he attends to ask if I'm going too and we share a few inside jokes. When I first joined, he asked me a lot of questions about myself to get to know me and he told me he liked my "edgy and interesting" personality.

I've asked him to grab lunch and coffee with me and told him I want to get to know him more outside of basketball, but says he's super busy with work and never has time. I don't think he's lying because he does miss a lot of basketball games and he told me about his job early on. I understand because I used to have a job that wanted me to work 70 hours a week, but I still think if you like someone, you'd find time for them somehow. Last night after our game ended at 11 pm, he texted me a pic of his abs and asked me to send something back, which I refused to do.

I think this guy might be leading me on so he can get laid, but what do you guys think? I also kinda think if he only wanted to hookup though, he would've said something to me right away or he'd be flirting with all the girls on our team instead of only me. I'm really not sure.


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  • hook up