Signs a boy likes you?

I met him a few days back (he's my cousins boyfriends cousin) he was cute, and kept staring at me since he saw me.. he brought me back a water.. he had offered a gatorade but I got the watered instead (note: we went paintablling).. also gave one to my cousin.. then when we were in the middle of paintball and he asked " who's down to run it?" and some random much older girl answered " run it?" but he ignored and just looked at me.. and i laughed.. because I mean i would not had run.. paintballs hurt and I was about to go into the open lol! he left to the army though.. he's coming back soon (what i heard) so what do you guys think? i don't know much of this. I just want to know what this means.. or if it even means something.

Oh! and when we were walking, he walked right next to me for a while until his cousin started walking with him.. and also he stood by me a few times and i remember when we were don with the game ( but my cousin and her boyfriend were still playing) i was standing.. leanin over the table I didn't see no one next to me.. next thing you see is him sitting by me (i was standing though)


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  • All of this depends on the type of guy he is when it comes to girls, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I think the staring and attention is a dead give-away, If he seemed very hospitable to you and mostly you during the entire event that's almost a guarantee. Try talking to him when he gets back, see if he puts all his attention towards you even if someone or something would normally distract him. See his body language, if he leans in closer to you when listening, etc.

    Usually if you have a hunch that someone likes you (hopefully everything wasn't over analyzed), just act on it! Drop some hints that you're interested and see how he responds!

    • this is really helpful, thanks (:

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