What does it mean if a guy says this To you?

Me and this guy decided to hangout, so he came to school and picked me up and asked me where I wanted to go I said I don't know Then he suggested we go to Tim hortens (coffe place) and he asks if I like coffee I said no then he asks if I like tea then I said yes. So then we go in his car and he drives, when we get there (drive in) he orders stuff for both of us and when I took out my wallet he said "no I'll pay" I said are you sure then he said "yeah, I feel bad for making you wait" (because he was late when picking me up) so anyways while we were in the car we talk and he asks me a lot of questions and we have some things in common and some things not, then he said "we are 2 differ people" since we like different stuff but we still talked then at the end he dropped me off at a subway station then he said "it was nice seeing you. Have a nice day. I'll text you" so I don't know what that means? Is he just being nice and saying that as a "sorry I'm not interested" or like something else? And was this a hangout or a date? He also sometimes looks at me while talking and asked me really "detailed" questions. Do you think he likes me? Because I kinda like him but I don't know if he feels the same way because of what he said (above)

Do you think a relationship would work out if both people don't like the exact same things so like liking different things but also at the same time liking the same things


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  • Well, I think it was more of a hangout. Not sure if he likes you or not. I think he was testing the situation, like a pre-date test or evaluation. Two people being different really seems to scare a lot of potential partners. Of course having lots in common and being compatible is very important, but to be honest, I don't want to date someone just like me, that would be boring. Having differences doesn't have to be bad. Dating someone who is very different can be very positive. Each person can introduce the other to new things, they can learn and experience new things, each can broaden each others horizons and expand them as a person. What makes this work depends on how flexible and compromising each person is and how willing they are to try something new. So try not to be afraid of him being different. As for now, let a couple or few days go by and text him again saying you enjoyed your time with him and would like to see him again if he is interested. This puts the ball in his court, and he will reply if he is interested. Good luck!


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