What's wrong with tinder?

I can't get any matches at all on tinder. I know for a fact that I'm a very attractive guy and I have a good bio. What gives? I heard that some people have a glitch so that no one can see their profile, but how do you fix that? Because I'm seriously starting to doubt that I have no matches AT ALL when other guys that are barely considered average get a decent amount.


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  • Tinder can be glitchy, but considering you say you're attractive it's seems strange you haven't got any matches.

    Having said that... I read an article stating that the most attractive guys find it harder to get matches as most women think they are out of their league.

    Just keep swiping and I promise you will start to be matches.

    • But it's online so I don't think that applies here. Since no one knows that they liked my profile they shouldn't be nervous about it. I like hot girl's profiles even when they are 2 years older than me because I've got nothing to lose. I'm probably an 8+/10 (according to most girls), and I always look pissed or too bust to date in real life so girls never go after me (plus I'm oblivious to flirting). I don't mean to sound arrogant, but this is what I have learned from other people over the years.

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    • What are your pictures like? Are they arrogant looking selfies, like shirtless or pouting? Girls hate that. Go for more understated natural pics. Holiday snaps or with friends etc... Because girls swipe with more caution, while guys just swipe if they would fuck the girl.

      Have you got a bio? State your height and maybe a funny quote. It shows a bit of your character.

    • No they are genuine pictures and a few are taken by professional photographers. I'm just about to resort to posting a shirtless pic because I am buff so it could make my profile look better. I have my height because I'm rather short (5'7) and I know a lot of chicks claim to like 6'0 guys even though that is only 14.5% of the male population so they are just being too damn picky. I don't have any funny quotes though.

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