Guys, When your dating a guy for almost ten months, how do you know if it is serious? What does he mean when he says he has no options but?

if there were options he would still date me? Is he fishing around? He does tend to like a lot of girl's pictures on social media? He texts a lot, to whom I do not know, He won't let me see his phone? ...

I know I should trust him. But I do not understand the significiance of liking a girls picture on social media when you are in a relationship.

We do have a great time together. he said the nicest things about me when we met last weekend. So if this is the case, why does he talk about options? If I question anything - He gets mad? Saying I do not understand him though I am trying my very best.

What does it mean by all of this? Does he not like me?

He barely calls anymore... Our texts are seldom nowadays... He says he is not anymore into calling..

He does not like to text he says but i do see him texting his friends. So why does he counter say what he says and he does. He talks about no young girl liking a guy like him. Why say this?


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  • This ones over and it won't ever go back to what it was. I think no others would go out with him so you were his only "option". What an asshole

    • Could there be a reason as to why he acts the way he does.. Or is he just not a good boyfriend but thinks he is... Do I need to ask him if he is looking for someone... I have tried so many times telling him I will leave.. He says you want to go, there is the door there. So I am not sure if he is trying to play it cool. It has been a day no message from him but makes time to do others things I can see and know... I am not sure if it is a culture thing..

    • He's a selfish ass. When you told him you'd leave and then didn't you lost all credibility. Don't make threats you can't or won't keep. You need to dump him like a turd

    • Hmm ok. thanks.

  • This guy sounds very self centered and basically it sounds like he's just using you until he finds someone "better". I say let him go if he doesn't like a girl who's nice enough to put up with all his shit that's his loss. I say you should try and find someone who will actually appropriate you and not just treat you as a last resort. Let him go he'll either drive everyone away with his horrible personality or meet someone just as shitty as he is.

    • True and that is exactly what I was thinking... Why mention to me about options or arranged marriage, he said he is telling his parents no - So why mention any of that sort when you are with me... I get it in time - He will introduce me to his parents but it seems like, he is looking but no one will date because he looks way older than he is. We had dinner last weekend, and It was like he wanted me to pay for it... Not sure... what he is thinking..