Guys, what do you think of the woman?

  • I would put a ring on her finger fast and marry her. She is my kind of woman.
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  • I would not find it funny or gross.
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  • I would dump her, how gross.
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  • farting is completely normal, hey girls fart too, if someone has a problem with it then i guess they will be living alone

    • Yes farting is completely normal that is why I have no problem with girls ripping ass when they feel one in the barrel.

    • and I agree, I was saying if "someone" has an issue with it "they" will live alone. Plus a girl that is open in cool about it is cool

    • Yes "I agree"!, I heard of a girl that has no problem farting in public places, she will be in the mall shopping or in a shop and looking at things on the shelf in the shop and she will loudly let her gas out.

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  • I don't care if a woman farts and burps behind closed doors but I do frown upon such behaviour in public, especially if it means me laughing hysterically in public because once I start laughing, it's difficult to stop.

    • I don't care about a woman farting behind closed doors or in most public places. In most public places I don't mind if a woman lets rip loudly either.

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    • I think there are some places it is not acceptable and some public places it is fine.

    • For a woman to fart in public.

  • Those are some colorful walls

    • Yes they are. Did you vote you would not find it funny or gross?