What are we and is it too soon to ask?

So this guy and I have been talking for 2 months or so, we text everyday throughout the entire day. We met over social media, like i met him through friends but we've never actually met in person. And then we finally met in person, we went out for ice cream and he kissed me. And after that we've gone out a few more times and we've kissed. And we're still talking. He texts me everyday and he invited me over for a movie night. He has also said that he is interested in me in one of our past conversations. But my question is, what are we? Are we dating, friends, or what? And I have a habit in introducing my friends and bfs to my parents. But I don't know if its too soon to talk about that subject of him meeting them? And the what are we part. What should I do?


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  • I'd say give it two more weeks before asking. and in those two weeks do things that are progessivley more "girlfriendly", if thats what you want to be to him. Things like calling baby or some other nickname, doing nice things like massaging his back etc. Who knows he might not be very experienced or shy and is afraid of bringing ot up to you.

    • Yeah you're right, I should just give it more time. It's also because at the beginning when we started talking I mentioned that I wasn't looking for a relationship and I didn't want to go too fast. So I'm not sure if that's the reason why he hasn't officially said much. And at first I didn't give it much importance but he invited me to this dinner that he has at his job and it's like a month from now. So that threw me off, because I'm guessing he can see us together in a month from now, right? Since he asked me to the dinner.

    • Yeah I'm thinking you saying that definitely has something to do with your current situation. Honestly that complicates things a bit and makes it likelier that he won't bring up anything having to do with labels because he'll think it'll drive you away. I think just do more girfriendly things and then sometime around that dinner bring up the talk or tell him how much fun you've had with him this past month and then bring up what he thinks the twobof you are. Or maybe go for broke and tell gim you've never had a boyfriend as great as him and see how hebreacts. That last oprion is definitely more risky though.

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