:( need some advise, just met her, she has problems and I want to help her?

So i met her 2 days ago, yesterday i took her for dinner, and she came over to my place. current status is, that i live with my parents. I had a place of my own but things didn't work out there with work, and my relationship. I really like this girl, but there is a problem. She can't really work, or its hard to find work. she is deaf, but she is kind, funny and looks amazing. so her and her ex broke up some time ago but she still shares an appartment with him. It causes a lot of stress for her, she barely eats or sleeps, and she barely has any money left for food. she has been thinking about going to her best friend, who lives at least 1,5 hour drive away.

So i want to help her out, i like her and i dont want this to go wrong. im really stuck here, today im gonna ask her what kind of food she really likes, and offer to come eat at my parents place. im thinking about finding my own place, and a new job ( i still work ) and tell her she can stay with me if she likes. i dont mind her going for a few days to this different place but i dont want her to go that long.

I can see she isn't comfortable with the whole situation, and there is defitnitely something between us. we are physical, and have fun conversations. How should i handle this? i dont want to cause her more stress or make her feel like im pressuring her.

any help would be great


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  • 😕 this is pretty complicated Hun.
    Really, its very new and it may make her feel uncomfortable offering everything like this so quickly. Could you do those things for yourself and try to help her by offering dinner at your place and stay the night until you see where a relationship can go?

  • Don't help someone who doesn't want it


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