Confused about this really outgoing girl? interested or just being nice?

Confused about this really outgoing girl? interested or just being nice?

I just met this girl sometime this week. she initiated a conversation with me several times. she asked me questions and we laughed a bit. when she was talking to me she was preening her hair back and forth but that could be because she has a habit of doing so. I felt from her eyes that she is interested but i still had doubts.

a friend of mine gave me her number, i prank called her and this was the conversation

me : hhhhh it is a prank call
her; I knew it is prank call it was obvious who is this?
me; I am X
a moment of silence
she gasped happily
her; ahhh why you did this to me hhhhhhhhh why why
me; how are u doing
she was really enthuasiatic and happy
her; I got a cheap flight to my country for three days this Thursday
me; I thought we could hang out on thursady
her; mmm my flight is at six o clock, why dont we go tomorrow
me; mm i can't
her; why you can't you have other commitments
me yes I do
her no problem we can go out anytime during the week after i come back

I texted her during the week and asked her do you want to hang out on Thursday and she sent me message after 1 hour ' ''yeah certainly and I would love to ''
i asked if this time is ok
then she sent me a reply within 2 minutes
"" yes yaaaaay"

actually i know this girl since we were kids ( her mum and my mum are best friends) but i haven't seen her since 15 years ago. this girl moved to where we live and she had hard time adapting to the new environment. my mum invited her to a dinner. she initiated several conversation with me. I took her number from my mum and as I mentioned in the question I pranked call her and we set a date to hangout. although we got along very well I am afraid that i am just a guy in her long list of guy friends. this girl is very outgoing and has lots of guy friends. I really can't tell if she is interested or being nice. when I told her that i want to watch a movie today she said oh movie i really want to but i have loads of work to do next week for sure we should go. from what I know since she moved here she wants to go back to where she lives badly but after we met she told me seriously now I I feel that I dont want to go back to where I live.

when we left she said see you next week


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  • I sense she's just being friendly


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