Does he actually like me or is he just being nice?

So I met this guy Saturday and he was really great. We spent the whole night talking and I went home with him but all we did was make out. We have so much in common and I felt like we really connected. When we woke up the next morning we talked for the next three hours. When he dropped me off at home he said that he would call text or snapchat me because he really wanted to see me again. I feel like I jumped on the snapchat thing to quickly but he did snapchat me for a little bit that night. The next night I decided to text him. He responded really fast to all of my texts but read my last text and didn't respond. I haven't heard from him today though. I like him and want to see him again but I'm afraid of coming on to strong and scaring him off but I also want to see if this can go anywhere because I've never met someone I have so much in common with like he called me the girl version of him and told me I was perfect which normally I would think would mean he was trying to sleep with me but he didn't try anything. So is he just shy and doesn't know what to do or does he just not like me?


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  • I think he is acting normally, as any interested guy would. You said it yourself though, be available to him but don't over-text him or seek him much because eventually he might lose interest. This happens to girls, and happens to guys as well. I guess it's part of the initial stages of dating.

    • So should I text him first again or just wait for him to text me

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